Idiotic Idling Idioms/ Ostranenie

For when tatay cannot make tayo, even when you tayutay.

When I say that you
Should stab me with a knife,
I did not mean for you

To talk behind my back.
I meant, really,

Stab me with a goddamn knife.
Perhaps nine
Inches long. Making sure,
In the process, it’s sharp.

I heard the neck
Is the sweetest spot
For the sweetest

Dear, you are
The Apple
Of my eye.

When I look at you,
In the wee, early hours,
Between tremble, and
In-trepid, and

All I see
Is an apple.

And fuck do I want to bite you.
(not in a Christian Grey kind of way,
more like Michael Jackson in thriller)

There are butterflies in my stomach.

I ate butterflies for breakfast.



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