How to Unlove

Materials needed:


To unlove someone, take two pinches of salt from
the kitchen counter, and apply them on
        the bleeding wound on your
        chest. (First make sure you have a wound.
                 If you don’t have though,
                 then cut one)

Like layers of onion, peel your skin
so that what’s left is core. Trickle your memories
        like water, from your head to your fingers
        to the sink (And make sure you’re all
                 dried up. If not, then dry yourself
                 in the oven

for thirty minutes under a certain heat, like the heat
of sunlight and touch. 95 degrees Fahrenheit, like the heat
        of the lover you are trying to forget.
        and unlove and undo (which
                 in all honesty you can’t
                 and perhaps

                 may never will.))

                    (serving size: one)


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