Love. Notes on.


everything all at once.
love is the wave of the ocean undulating on the shore
touching the soles of my feet, drifting me back
to my home.

A lamppost standing in solitude among a row of trees.
Chiaroscuro, play of light, love defines the shadows of the leaves
by glowing sunset orange. the string to my 
guitar. the music it reverberates.

Lingering on the back of my tongue, love is the hot chocolate that
passes through my lips every morning. Comforting
and caressing, making me want
to stay.  Here.  Right here beside my Love, closer
to the landscape of Love’s elbow, and
Love’s knees, to the Aurora
Borealis on Love’s irises, and
to the skyline henceforth.

All in all love is a combination
                    of badly mixed metaphors.
It is everything all at once

                    everything all at once.


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