Two Cents on Nancy Binay

                 Although it is without doubt that I am deeply dissatisfied of Ms. Binay’s credentials, and disappointed in her absences in forums, I do not seem to understand however how people come to loathe her for it. I mean sure; it must have been out of place and ambitious for her to run in the senate given her background, and sure she may not be as well spoken as Senator Santiago or Escudero, but all of these things do not change the line of what she can do, not that we are aware of.

                Through the course of political history in the Philippines, many public servants were graduates of law. Many were masters of their profession, with some even being doctors. But I can assure you that being high sounding does not par with being sound. This is the same with well spoken people. We need to remember that the speaking skills of a person does not equate to his leading skills much less to his intellect.

                I guess what I am trying to say is that we should give Nancy a chance. I compare her situation to that of the Schrödinger’s cat. In the said thought experiment, a cat in a closed room, away from the visions of onlookers, can either be alive or dead. This is the same with her. If we do not give her the opportunity to prove herself, we may never know her worth. Who knows? She may have been the panacea we’re waiting for. Only time will open the closed door. Until then, I am hoping for the cat to be alive. 


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